Yeh we know….

IT is a changing landscape, as per everyone’s opening statement regarding thoughts on the Dell EMC acquisition. Sun Microsystems got bought by Oracle, that was no different, Sun was another organisation lost in a sea of changing landscape who had no option but to sell up.

This should, if it hasn’t been, the lightbulb moment when you a big scale level of change in the technology vendor space.

EMC hasn’t been bought for a killer technology, they’ve sold out because any technology and architectural practices that they predominantly sell and rely on for revenue (On Premise) has about Ten years left, we have seen Five years of big scale play and the emergence of cloud computing from the likes of Amazon and Microsoft, open flexible IaaS platforms like Openstack, the emergence of big data analytics at scale that are giving enterprises and governments the version of truth to execute business decisions at speed and granularity, and many many more emergent trends that just all seem to be not the previous fads of yesteryear.

The bottom line is this, EMC have been lucky in my view and have been bailed out before it was a slippery slope backwards, so see the signs if you haven’t already and take note of this, change the cultural mindset on your approach to IT strategy, delivery and technology capability or you might end up being in the same position as they are.

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