Embrace + acceptance = Vision

Whilst driving home I listened to a small amount of an interview on Radio 4 with Film producer Martin Scorsese.

Discussing his new film which is in full 3D, he discussed the use of 3D and what fascinated him about the technology, examples were made to childhood in an era of Black and White screenplay he saw a moving image that appeared as 3D and create this in a screen play. It gripped him so much he wanted to change the way films were made and so at nearly 70 he has created in a new breed generation of 3D film, a 3D film likely to be a box office hit. Lastly when discussing emergence of 3D he said that history has shown that the trends of adding Colour to films was what viewers demanded and that it would be the norm in years to come, so based on this the industry changed and adapted.

This got me thinking about me and my future (selfishly), I like most and people like yourselves who read my blog should realise in the IT Industry we work in an ever evolving world of technology that in order to benefit and provide value to your organisation requires vision, persistence and embrace to change. If you fail to embrace new change and trends and you are not prepared, it is safe to say you may well be limiting yourself a successful future and more importantly you may limit potential benefits gained by your business through lack of embrace to change..

Remember, there is a new generation of computing arriving in the shape and form of cloud computing. Forget the marketing campaigns on cloud, forget the fancy toolsets used to provide or run a cloud, this is a generation of computing that as with film did when moving from Black and White production to Colour will be used by a generation who really don’t care about whats running underneath or in fact where it is located. What they will however care if it’s a service which doesn’t meet the same criteria and de-facto standard as competition.

So to quickly summarise embrace the change and move forward, it will be the best thing you can do to enable you to have the vision on the trend that may well ever replace cloud computing in many years to come.